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Update Files

  1. Under My Catalog, click the title you would like to edit.
  2. On the left, select Files.
  3. To select your new file, click Browse file to Upload button.
  4. Locate and select your file in the file explorer.
  5. Once your file is selected, an Upload button will appear. Click the Upload button.
  6. Once the upload is complete, your changes will automatically save.

Important:Once your file upload has been completed you will see a green check mark next to “Uploaded”. Navigating away from this page prior will stop the upload process and remove the unsaved changes.

An additional status line will appear once the upload has completed. The additional status indicates that your files are in processing; this may take some time. You can navigate off of the page or sign out of your account during this process. Once complete, you will see a green check with “Your uploaded asset has been successfully processed” on the status. Until all assets have been processed, you cannot publish your title.

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