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Moving to MOD

General Questions

What’s happening to my disc media?
What do I need to do to prepare to move to Amazon Media on Demand?
When will I no longer be able to create new disc titles or edit existing ones on CreateSpace?
What are the benefits of publishing on MOD?

Moving from CreateSpace to Amazon Media on Demand

Can I update titles that I’ve published on CreateSpace after they’ve moved to MOD?
What will happen if I have a title in the following statuses: ‘incomplete,’ ‘awaiting proof’ or ‘proof review’ on CreateSpace and it is moved to MOD?
Will my discs be printed the same way as CreateSpace if I publish through MOD?
Will I be able to purchase sample and owner orders on MOD?

Royalties, sales, rank, distribution, taxes

Will my royalty rate or payment cycle be any different on MOD? How will I receive payment?
How does reporting on MOD work?
Will the transition affect my sales ranking?
What will happen to my titles, royalty payments, and sales rank if I don’t claim my MOD account and my CreateSpace account is no longer available?


I have more questions. How can I contact you?

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