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Sales Ranking

Best Seller Ranks are based on customer activity of your title relative to the activity of other titles. Activities that may not be an accurate reflection of customer demand, including promotional Amazon Giveaway sales and purchases that are later returned, are not counted towards sales rank.

Rankings are updated hourly but may take 24-48 hours to appear. Rankings reflect recent and historical activity, with recent activity weighted more heavily. Rankings are relative, so your sales rank can change even when your title's level of activity stays the same. For example, even if your title's level of activity stays the same, your rank may improve if other titles see a decrease in activity, or your rank may drop if other titles see an increase in activity.

When we calculate Best Sellers Rank, we consider the entire history of a title's activity. Monitoring your title's Amazon sales rank may be helpful in gaining general insight into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and other initiatives to drive title activity, but it is not an accurate way to track your title's activity or.

The ranking for titles with consistent activity histories that have been available on Amazon for a long time may fluctuate less than the ranking of new titles, or titles whose histories aren't as stable. One sale of a very popular title may not influence its rank much at all, but one sale of a lower volume title may significantly improve that title's rank.

Note: Each available format of your title (CD, DVD, Blu-ray) has its own independent Amazon Best Sellers Rank.

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