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How to Place a Sample/Wholesale Order

You can request a sample (proof) for your titles before it is published.

  1. First, create a title by completing Title Information, Distribution, loading content Files, setting the Title Availability.
    • If you want your title to be available for sale while your order is being fulfilled, set title availability to "As soon as possible".
      • Your title will move to Listing > LIVE
      • After the title is LIVE, a wholesale order can be placed
    • If you'd like to get a Sample prior to publishing your title, select "Set a specific release date and create pre-order page" and fill in the applicable dates.
      • Your title will move to In Review, when you select Request Sample Copies
      • After the title is In Review, a sample can be ordered
  2. Once the publishing process completes, you will see the option to Request a Sample or Wholesale copy at the top of the Title page:
  3. Click order and enter the desired quantity:
  4. Max 3 Samples per ASIN per order
  5. Max 100 Wholesale units per ASIN per order
  6. Click Add to Cart
  7. You will be redirected to your Amazon account, Purchase your sample using the standard Amazon checkout process.

Sample/Wholesale Fees

Amazon will charge a fee for each ordered sample or wholesale unit. This fee is inclusive of materials, production, and other services. Below is the fee for each product type. Standard Amazon shipping charges apply. Royalties are not paid for Sample orders.


  • One disc: $6.00/unit
  • Two discs: $7.00/unit
  • Three discs: $8.50/unit
  • Four discs: $9.50/unit
  • Five discs: $11.00/unit
  • Six discs: $12.00/unit


  • One disc: $6.50/unit
  • Two discs: $8.50/unit
  • Three discs: $11.00/unit
  • Four discs: $12.00/unit
  • Five discs: $14.00/unit
  • Six discs: $16.00 /unit


  • One disc: $4.99/unit
  • Two discs: $5.45/unit

If you do not see the Sample/Wholesale order button, contact MOD Support for help.

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