Media on Demand (MOD) is no longer available

We would like to thank all of our customers and content owners for their support. If you were a content owner, connect with us if you have questions.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who else offers disc on-demand manufacturing?
Below is a list of disc on-demand manufacturing businesses, which you can investigate to see if they can provide you with the service you are looking for:
2. Can I offer my content through Amazon's digital streaming services?
Our digital streaming services have their own account opening and other requirements, which you can learn more about by accessing these links: Amazon Prime Video Direct and Amazon Music
3. How will I receive my tax information?
Tax information can be accessed through Tax Central. Please ensure your tax information is up to date. If your address has recently changed, please retake the Tax Interview to update your information.
4. Is Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) or Print-on-Demand (POD) also impacted?
No, this change does not impact KDP or POD. You can access the KDP portal.

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