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On March 1, 2021, we announced our decision to close Media on Demand in stages. Content owners will have until June 4, 2021 to sell their titles.

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What is Amazon Media on Demand?

Our professional content publishing and distribution services make selling physical media easier than ever. We handle customer orders, manufacturing, and shipping processes. Your products remain in-stock and are made on-demand when Amazon customers place an order.


Create and manage your Amazon Media on Demand account
Sign into your Amazon account to start selling physical media products to Amazon customers.
Add titles to your catalog
Create and edit your titles with our easy-to-use catalog tools.
View sales and payment reports
Track your sales and payment history with detailed reports.

How It Works


Create an account

Complete your account setup in three easy steps to sell your physical media products through Amazon Media on Demand. You can also invite multiple users to help manage your catalog.


Add titles to your catalog

Use our title creation and catalog management tools to create and publish new titles on Amazon or update your existing catalog. Your published titles will be available for purchase by millions of Amazon customers.


Sell to Amazon Customers

Customers purchase your titles on Amazon. We manufacture your products on-demand and ship orders to your customers.


Get paid for units you sell

Accrue royalties when customers purchase your titles through Amazon. You can track your sales and payments with our reports.

Move your CreateSpace disc titles and start selling with Amazon Media on Demand today

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